Rural sauna

SPA HOTEL EZERI rural sauna ritual is a true art of exploring the body and restoring well-being. Warm up and enjoy whipping with scented whisks filled with the power of nature. Give yourself a new lease of life!

The rural sauna treatment starts with a delicious, warming tea, getting to know the sauna attendant and learning about the client’s health and well-being. During this time, the bath attendant tells about the ritual and what to expect from it. Ezeri SPA sauna is 60-70 degrees warm, which is a comfortable, pleasant and totally relaxing temperature.

Entering the bath begins with settling on the sauna step and performing a special good luck ritual that adds an energetic dimension to the process. It’s worth thinking about what you will dedicate your sauna ritual to – your health, achieving a goal or realising a dream.

The first sauna session lasts 5-15 minutes, depending on how you feel, and the main goal is simply to warm up. In the second step, the sauna attendant warms the body using birch whisks, followed by cleansing and a light massage with aromatic salt and herbal scrubs. The third step is the actual sauna whipping, when the temperature is slightly higher but the time spent in the sauna is shorter. After the sauna whipping, there is a refreshing dip in the pond and a feeling of “weightlessness”, resting on a straw bag under the sky.

Finally, a light snack and herbal tea in the sauna house, where you can discuss your experience with the sauna attendant in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as enjoy the great feeling of well-being that comes from bathing in a real rural sauna.

Classic “Rural Sauna Ritual”
2 persons: EUR 135.00 for 2.5-3 h
3 persons: EUR 200.00 for 3-3.5 h
4 persons: EUR 250.00 for 4 h

Price includes: sauna whisks, whipping, bathrobes, herbal tea, light snacks.
Bring a good mood and a towel!

Booking in advance is required!

Rural sauna ritual
2 persons - 2,5-3 h
Cena: 135 €
3 persons - 3-3.5 h
Cena: 200 €
4 persons - 4 h
Cena: 250 €