The philosophy of well-being is part of our life.

Peace and rejuvenation are the cornerstones of harmony and equilibrium. We look for an oasis in nature to regain our strength… we look for at least a moment’s sanctuary from the work and haste of everyday life.

Spend a day, weekend or the whole week… in the refreshing breeze from the countryside, with the beautiful, ever-changing nature, at a place where there’s time to be alone with yourself or find new friends. Learned and experienced specialists in both fitness and beauty will make every hour a magical experience that relaxes the body, the mind and the spirit. You do not even have to go very far in order to enjoy complete peace and to relax in a beautiful, relaxing environment of the Hotel SPA Ezeri ("Sanus per Aquam" or "health through water") – through aromatic body and face procedures, the healing force of water, the aromatic scent of flowers, freshness and morning of Sigulda, where the adjacent clear lake is framed by the change of seasons and the music of nature, which leads to rebirth and an inner enlightenment, guarantees embodiment of health and beauty, harmony between the soul and body. Have them beatify you, cleanse your body and spirit through a comprehensive, individual course of massage and other procedures, such as hydromassage, medicinal baths, sauna, sea-weed compresses, mud baths, exercise and beauty parlours.